Whitewater rafting over waterfalls!

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Whitewater rafting over waterfalls!

It's fair to say that the Kaituna River in Rotorua, is one of the best whitewater rafting trips in New Zealand. Warm water, easy access, and some of the best rapids you can do in a raft all packed into a mile of river. It is a gem of a river, ask any of the kayakers from all over the world that make the Kaituna their home for the summer. They travel from as far away as Norway and Germany to have the Kaituna river in their backyard.  

Without a doubt, some the best parts of rafting the Kaituna are the waterfalls. There is a moment, floating in the eddies above the waterfalls where all you can see is the mist billowing up from the bottom. That horizon line leading up to the edge of the waterfall is exciting and magical. Seeing the river disappear and knowing you're about to take a raft down it is pretty damn thrilling. 

As the guides prepare their crews for each waterfall, rafters wear slightly nervous smiles and are giddy with excitement. They giggle like kids above the waterfalls and scream like warriors at the bottom! 

Check out this photo of a horizon line above the Powerhouse waterfall on the Kaituna! 

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The ultimate kiwi whitewater experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world!!! We just wanted to do it all again!!!
Paul Smith, Australia