Summer warmth on the Kaituna River

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Summer warmth on the Kaituna River

Sitting comfortably in the middle of summer, the Kaituna river has warmed to a balmy 24 degrees. For the most part rafters have been rafting without wetsuits since Christmas. It has been HOT! Most of our rafters come prepared for the cold, expecting to wear wetsuits. They seem skeptical that the river really is as warm as we tell them. And once they get into the raft, paddle through the first rapid and even jump in for a refreshing swim, they see that it really is warm and fantastic to swim in. 

As the water in the Kaituna river spills from the top of Lake Rototiti, it has been warmed by the sun through the scorching summer days making it the warmest river in New Zealand. On these hot summer afternoons, local kids and raft guides alike walk down to the river to swim, cool off and play in the smaller rapids. When they can't get down to the river to cool off..... the guides huddle under the shade of a tree. 

Summer time activities in Rotorua include mountain biking, hiking, paddling on the lakes, wake-boarding, lounging on the sunny shores of the Blue Lake, BBQs, and rafting on the Kaituna with friends and family. We all become children again, splashing and swimming, laughing and soaking in the warm water and the warm sun. 

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