Moment of Bliss

Posted on in Rafting News by Sam Sutton

Moment of Bliss

Every day, we see people that are out of their comfort zone on the raft. It is, after all, part of the reason why so many people come rafting on the Kaituna river -to experience life outside their comfort zone for a while. You could say that adrenaline pumps faster in that place, that some of life's best moments happen there. One of the best parts of our day (and there are many) is watching people leave their comfort zone. As they put on wetsuits, life-jackets and helmets, there's often a quiet demeanor about them. Once they get into the river though, they begin to let loose and their excitement builds in anticipation of rafting over waterfalls. Their excitement becomes almost palpable at the main waterfall, specifically right above it. 

But, one of the best moments is right after the waterfall, where adrenaline and excitement produce some of the best smiles, laughs, and screams you'll hear anywhere. 

This photo shows what that looks like, that moment of bliss. 

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The ultimate kiwi whitewater experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world!!! We just wanted to do it all again!!!
Paul Smith, Australia