Kaituna Kayaking

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Kaituna Kayaking

Rotorua has some of the best adventure activites New Zealand has to offer. Boasting some of the world's best mountain-biking, 13 of the North Island's best lakes, bungy jumping, zorbing down hillsides, and whitewater rafting on the world-famous Kaituna River. Unique for its warmth, beauty, and its waterfalls, the Kaituna river is also blessed for its easy access and its amazing "bang for your buck". You get 3 waterfalls and 15 rapids in the the space of a mile, which means you can raft through one of the best rivers in the world and be home in time for lunch! 

One of the coolest activities around Rotorua though is tandem kayaking on the Kaituna. Completely inexperienced paddlers can be taken down the waterfalls in a guided 2-person kayak, letting them experience the thrill and fun of whitewater kayaking. Similar to riding in a Formula 1 car with a proffessional driver, or surfing a big wave in the ocean with Kelly Slater, or even jumping out of an airplane in a tandem chute. Here's Rotorua Rafting's founder, Sam Sutton, taking someone of the best part of their New Zealand holiday! 

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The ultimate kiwi whitewater experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world!!! We just wanted to do it all again!!!
Paul Smith, Australia